Customer Comments (original quote in German)

They possess a rich treasure of experience, both professionally and privately.  The flexibility which has been gained from this, and also their intellectual independence, are a plus during the sessions.  
Personnel Manager

Here I feel well.  Actually I am resistant to coaching, but here I have understood how I function and I understand more and more.  After each meeting I have new insights and new tasks for my future.  Thank you for the clear broadening of my horizons.  
Departmental Manager, Distribution

There are three things that I particularly like about this type of coaching: - expertise, empathy and closeness to reality. Thus every session has relevance for the daily questions and tasks and does not just stay with theoretical models.  This delivers an important contribution to me as a person, and to my development as a manager, which I would not like to be without.

Area Manager Planning

Vivien Marsch is able to put herself into the most diverse situations and yet always manages to draw the best out of them. She recognizes correlations very quickly and thanks to her professional analyses brings clarity into every difficult situation.  
Quality Manager

Further customer comments will be given on request.