Examples from our Practice

Leading in Virtual Worlds
In a DAX organisation young managers from the whole of Europe meet in order to learn something about the subject of managing.  The participants receive tools and challenges.  Even though, after four days they have not found a solution, they have found many possible courses of action.  Self-confidence and a belief that they are equal to the task grow. Afterwards the participants report, that the working day has become easier and less stressful.  

Tackling Autocracies
Within a family organisation only the owner has been in charge up until now.  The business is growing very strongly and when the son takes over the reins the demands have changed.  We work with a selection of suggested managers, measure their potential and carry out regular group meetings over a period of two years, in order to accompany the participants during their managerial tasks.  The owner is now able to take a holiday once again.