Examples out of our Practice

Gaining Clarity
In one family organisation employees seem to be resistant to any change at all in the production processes.  We start to research what the benefits are for holding this attitude.  After interviews with employees and their managers we are clearly able to identify what has been overlooked until now.  Only after being able to talk openly about this, now visible, blind spot can the employees start to use the new working methods without further training.   

Moving from the Red into the Black
One branch of a f & b concern has been in the red for some time.  A new manager is employed.  He is given the task to either turn the organisation around or close it down.  Two hundred employees of four levels are affected.  The new manager comes to the conclusion that it should be possible to move the business into profit, providing that a technical modernization process takes place and that the employees have a fundamental change in attitude.   We carry out intensive coaching with the manager and initiate a rigorous top down process.  Soon the first desirable effects show themselves and the business situation of the company increasingly stabilizes.