Examples from our Practice

In the Lion’s Den
In an organisation an all women team receives a new team leader, and a part of the team cannot or will not accept him.  The previous manageress was a dominant and strong personality.  The new boss brings the same level of expertise, but is softer and more person-orientated than his predecessor.  Within the framework of a two day workshop with outdoor elements we succeed in clearing the air and in the second workshop we manage to form a high performance team. 

Sibling Squabbles
In a family business the area managers have run into difficulties with each other.  All problems of the basically flourishing organisation are being blamed on each other.  Every management meeting begins with criticism and blame.  During intensive conversations with the affected parties it quickly transpires that personal relationships are put above the goals and targets inside the culture of the organisation. In several three hour workshops as well as individual coaching sessions the affected parties develop a consciousness regarding the special dynamics of the family concern.  In this way the causes of the rivalries are diffused and the managers are able to increasingly focus on a factual level.